W I N E S F O R P A S S I O N S I N C E 1 9 5 6


W i n e e x c e l l e n c e i n t h e h e a r t o f V a l p o l i c e l l a

Welcome to Valpolicella, the heart of winemaking tradition. Aldegheri Wines, for generations, has expressed Veneto's authenticity and elegance with high quality wines.
Santambrogio classico

Amarone della Valpolicella

Blueberries are organic grown combined with little wild plums of all colors we pick ourselves along the Snake River that separate Oregon from Idaho.


The generous mid-palate has mouth-filling textual layers with hints of toast and vibrancy to the fruit. The gentle acid balance opens the palate finishing with soft lingering flavours.
Charmat method cuvée


A light yellow in color with a creamy bubbling and an elegant and persistent sparkling. The nose is fragrant and expressive with fruity and floral notes.

O u r w i n e r y

The history of Aldegheri Wines is steeped in love for the land and dedication to viticulture. Founded in 1956, our winery has deep roots in Valpolicella, over time becoming a reference producer in the region.
Our vineyards, on the hills of Valpolicella, give our wines character and complexity thanks to the unique climate and soil.

O u r v i n e y a r d s