Le Pietre Santambrogio Rosso Veronese IGT

A fine red wine, produced from hillside vineyards characterised by dry rocky soil, conditions which make the Corvina and Cabernet grapes unique. In order to obtain an excellent wine the production quantity is kept under control, the grapes are picked at an advanced state of ripeness and the vinification process is monitored very carefully. The complexity of the bouquet, slightly herbaceous with hints of dried juniper, makes the first pleasant impression, followed by perception of the perfect harmony of the full robust body.
Grape Variety
Corvina, Cabernet, Rondinella.
Vineyard (geographical location and characteristics)
The vineyards are all situated to the north of Verona in the classic Valpolicella zone and surrounding areas. The average age of 20 years varies from 14 for Cabernet to 35 for some Corvina vines. The volcanic stony soil is ideal for quality viticulture.
After the grapes have been crushed and destemmed, the controlled fermentation process starts (from 22 to 30°C) with maceration for 15 days. After devatting and “clean” racking, the process continues with malolactic fermentation in large barrels for more than a year. Finally, after a brief spell in tanks, the wine is aged in bottles.
Le Pietre Santambrogio & Cuisine
Due to the range of its bouquet, this wine is recommended as an accompaniment to dishes with white or black truffle or red meat roasted, grilled or cooked in sauce. Excellent with hard cheeses which are not too piquant. Serve at room temperature in broad-rimmed crystal glasses.
Serving temperature
Alcohol content
13% vol
Technical sheet