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Aldegheri family has been active since 1956 in the heart of Valpolicella with passion and constant commitment to improve, day by day, the transformation process of the product that makes this famous territory unique in the world: wine.

Our history

A l d e g h e r i f a m i l y s i n c e 1 9 5 6 i n t h e h e a r t o f V a l p o l i c e l l a


Within the company, family members hold different roles.

Lorenzo takes care of viticultural management and winemaking aspects, from the grapes' selection to the control of fermentation and aging times.

Adriano, the younger brother, oversees the administrative function, as well as the purchase and construction of production plants, which are strongly characterized by innovation.

Vincenzo, the cousin, takes care of the commercial and public relations sectors of the company, by coordinating the work of the representatives and marketing activities.

The work of the second generation is also important: the children, following in their fathers' footsteps, play an essential role and bring to the company the continuous updating in the various fields necessary to work successfully.

The family aspect of Aldegheri company and the perfect coordination between technology and love for nature and its fruits have allowed it to achieve a high level of quality over the years. Its products testify to the result of extreme attention to the vineyards, a high and careful selection of the grapes and a constant improvement of winemaking technologies: by savoring them, they are able to give moments of joy and pleasure in tasting their precious nuances.


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